Young voices

11/24/2008 2:01:37 PM by: Elsi

And what, I asked the young people at the Family Learning Center elementary school class this morning, is Thanksgiving about? Thanksgiving is when we all eat lots and lots of turkey! And the turkey's in the middle of the table with other food, and we all sit around the table. And it's a special day, just for being close to your family. Yeah, we go to Grandma's, and the kids are too noisy and messy. So we go to the basement and play Chuckie. Because it's a special day just for God's family to be together. Yeah, and Christmas is God's birthday, too. And I'm God. I mean, God is everyone's real dad. And the Virgin is our mom, too. And on Thanksgiving, I'm going to a park with a purple slide in the middle! And Thanksgiving is a real special day for people who want to celebrate and be with their families.



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