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7/1/2008 8:47:09 PM by: Elsi

I settled into "my" seat at church Sunday, looked around with a smile, and reflected, "Oh, it's good to be here with my support group again!" After all, I just got back from an RV trip. Cathy Howe is back, my pastor and friend—the Lord does know how much I need her. Paul and Ruth Williams are back from their trip to Europe—Paul taught Sunday school this week; Ruth's back in Bible study; we had a summer house church meeting. Tim Schoeneweiss, our worship leader, was on the same European tour; it's so good to have his encouraging spirit in our service. So I was feeling pretty comfortable, secure ... and suddenly realized, NO! My comfort, security, support—these should come from Jesus, not the people He's given me! God says quite clearly (Deuteronomy31:6 and 8, and quoted in Hebrews 13:5) that He will never leave us nor forsake us. In the words of Matt Redman's song, "Oh, no! He'll never let go!" Psalm 68:6 says, "God sets the lonely in families." And that means more than Paul and Ruth, who make me part of their family for Thanksgiving and Easter. It's more than my Bible study family, or house church, or even "big church." It's the family of God, wherever I am across the nation. And that's a piece of the power of Communion, I think: believers all over the world are celebrating our Lord and Savior's vile death and glorious Resurrection right along with us. We need to remember ... I need to remember ... to give thanks for His Spirit, His love and His family. I need to remember what He did ... what I've done that made His sacrifice necessary ... how He conquered death and sin and fear by rising agian ... what I can do in gratitude in all this! Oh, yes, thank You, Lord! Never let go of me! Thank You!



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