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6/3/2008 6:46:44 AM by: Elsi

Oh, what fun! I've never been able to participate in ShareFest before—I'm generally out of town by the first weekend of June, and I'm not physically able to do construction and such anyway. But this year I'm around and, when I grumbled about being left out, I discovered that there are thank-you letters to write, snacks to hand out, and encouragement to share. So, Saturday, I was part of my house church ShareFest team. ShareFest, by the way, is a multi-church outreach to the community. This year 35 local churches (about 3500 people) served 11 schools in three districts, plus 17 other non-profits. My team was at Family Learning Center, where we (well, the other team members, anyway!) replaced floors, painted rooms, built picnic tables, shingled a playhouse, and cleaned. I wrote notes to each staff person, handed out bags of chips and cups of coffee, and took pictures. And I went home early (3 p.m.), utterly exhausted. The regular team members slaved on till about 7:30, and several men returned Sunday morning to re-install the appliances. Whew! The rest of us were at Mackey Auditorium (at the university) Sunday, joining members from churches across Boulder Valley in celebrating the Lord's work through us. Writing an article about ShareFest, I cornered Emily Williams, 8th grade daughter of my house-church host family. "Tell me about ShareFest," I asked. “It was fun! I painted with my friends, and we got pizza,” she told me. This is her fourth year working with ShareFest. Asked why she participates, Emily explained, “It’s nice to help people have a better life, because if our house was to burn down or something, I’d want somebody to help me!” I couldn't say it better!



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6/13/2011 10:00:23 AM  by: Elsi

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