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Jesus’ love language?
3/11/2008 8:23:20 PM by: Elsi

This evening at house church we worked on Matthew 8—the leper who told Jesus, "If you are willing" ... the centurion who said, in effect, "You don't need to go to my house; just say the word" ... the potential disciples who waffled (gotta bury my father, need a home) ... the disciples who panicked in the storm ("save us or we'll drown!"). Paul Williams, our leader, mentioned the concept of love languages—touch, gifts, service, compliments, and so forth. He pointed out that Jesus' love language seems to be faith. It was the centurion's faith that stopped Jesus in His tracks and caused Him to comment. It was the leper's faith that led Him to say, "I am willing!" It was the disciples' fear that left Jesus saying, "Oh, you of little faith!" My faith is weak ... too often I say, I know You can, but I doubt You will. Or even, as with the disciples in the boat, I ask Him to do something and am astounded when He does! Faith? Not even mustard seed size, mostly. But He loves me anyway, and He gently helps my faith to grow. Good thing we have eternity to keep up that process! Oh, Abba, thank You for Your love and patience!



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