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Title Topic Date
Never saw this one coming!   WISDOM?   6/1/2013 
Whether ? weather ? wether ?   WEATHER   6/21/1961 
Are you superstitious?   WARTS   6/1/2013 
Early morning blessings   WALKING THE DOG   7/1/2005 
Silver Linings   Storm Clouds   6/11/2013 
Can't fence Him in   RAINBOWS   6/1/2013 
Who am I today?   PICKING OUT WIGS   6/1/2013 
Safety in a nightmare   NIGHTMARES   6/1/2013 
Drive on   MEANDERING   6/10/2013 
Who's at the center?   LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS   6/1/2013 
Shine!   LIGHT   7/20/1958 
I want the real thing!   JUICE AND BUTTER   6/1/2013 
Am I lost?   HOLY SPIRIT   6/1/2013 
Pressed down, overflowing ?   GIVING   6/1/2013 
It's too hard! I can't do it!   FUTURE   9/18/2007 
The stork brought me!   FUNNY-LOOKING AND FUNNY-ACTING  6/1/2013 
He makes men   FACES   7/6/1961 
Heaven: 4-D, surround sound   DREAMS OF FLYING   6/1/2013 
I see You!   CHURCH STEEPLES   6/11/2006 
Don't bust my bubble!   BUBBLEGUM   6/1/2013 

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