Books that will warm your heart

Children Who Met Jesus
By Elsi Dodge

Stories about children in the Bible who actually met Jesus, including Jairus’s daughter and the boy who shared his lunch, as well as some hypothetical children such as a shepherd girl at the Baby’s birth and a child who met Mary Magdalene after the resurrection.

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Christmas in My Heart #20
editor Joe Wheeler

ISBN: 978-0-8163-2476-7 (p. 59)

Each year Joe Wheeler compiles heart-warming Christmas stories, old and new, for his readers. I felt as though I’d been knighted when Joe told me, in 2011, that he was including a story of mine!

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Lost Coin

When Lucille and her family adopted a little boy in the 1950s, they had no idea how God would work miracles of “coincidence” to reconnect the boy with his birth mother and siblings and unite the two families forever.


The Little Girl
By Elsi Dodge

A parable about a little girl doll who gets lost and is found again; a story for little girls of all ages and sizes. “It’s my best book!” (Bella, age 3)

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