I am a glorious result of locust redemption (Joel 3). Once a depressed, anxiety-ridden woman who hid in my turtle shell, now I am a moose—a bit large and awkward, perhaps, but running freely through God's beautiful creation.

⇒ Who I am!

I'm a single, mildly disabled, senior citizen who writes, teaches, and travels across this great continent in 30 feet of Winnebago, ably (?) assisted by Mellon, a venturesome kitty whose main loves are hiking in the open space (half a mile + daily), catching voles in the underbrush by the side of the trail, and—of course—me! .

⇒ What I do!

Arthritic and in my 70s, I use my RV as a tool to keep me in touch with friends in the U.S. and Canada. Along the way, I soak up the fascinating variety of scenery in this vast continent. I love revisiting favorite places (eager to return to Maine ... and Alaska!), seek out new territory (got all but 3 states states on my June 2018 trip), and learn new things (did you know the Cajuns came from Acadia in New Brunswick?). The Lord lets me teach and write about what I've seen and done, which just deepens the fun.

⇒ Why I do what I do

So ... check out pictures from some of my trips ... find out about my books ... read my blog ... download some resources ... and have a beautiful day!

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